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Buying Income Properties
There are many things to consider when investing your money in real estate. You are effectively operating a business providing rental units to individuals for a profit. You are competing against all the other landlords in the area for the same tenants. To be successful you must have a competitive product that is also profitable, maximizing your return.

The amount of time and effort you are willing to spend is a major factor in determining the type of property you should buy. If you are a hands on individual, you can get a property that, while requiring more time, will pay a higher return. If you want to spend a minimal amount of time and effort, something with an on site superintendant or as simple as a condo townhouse rented to a family could work.

I will work with you to identify your needs and expectations in order to put a plan in place so that you will become a profitable and comfortable real estate investor.

The other factors that need to be carefully considered are the ones that separate your business (property) from your competition. One of the most important is your cost of financing the property. The remaining factors are related to the rental unit itself. These include location, parking, size and space, heat source, separate meters, etc. Anything that effects the rent that you are able to obtain and your cost of providing it. The presence or absence of one or more features does not necessarily make it a good or bad investment, but does need to be considered when valuing the property.
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